About Us


CleggPROMO is the company you count on for Technologizing Promo™ with fast and reliable quality along with our friendly and personal service.  When you need to draw attention to a brand and make it stand out from the universe of flat, bland promo items, CleggPROMO has the solutions in Sound, Light, Video, Tech, and Executive Toys to meet your needs. 

Specializing in technology-enhanced Premium Packaging, Retail Instore POP, and Digital Displays, CleggPROMO has the widest selection of tools to help brands make an impact, connect with consumers, and increase their sales.

Innovation and evolution have led to the expansion of new products including patented video brochures, charging cables, wireless chargers, speakers, ear buds, power banks and more. 

CleggPROMO’s most recent developments include premium packaging with technology like video, sound and lights; instore displays featuring video, sound, and lights; 3D and holographic digital displays and more. 

CleggDIRECT allows our clients to take advantage of 4 decades of experience in design, engineering, sourcing, production, quality control, and logistics to bring product ideas to life, on-time, on-budget, and on-quality, every time.

Founded in 1987 in Southern California, CleggPROMO introduced our patented ringing sound card to the industry.  This led to a full line of custom designed audio logo greeting cards, sound buttons and interactive sound products.  Later that year CleggPROMO developed the first-ever LED blinking button.  This technology led to the introduction of over 150 blinking, flashing and lighted products in the promotional products industry. 

CleggPROMO’s mission is to bring Technologizing Promo™ items to industry and support our distributor partners with solutions that make an impact for their clients’ brands. 

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